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Follow the journey of Paul, a middle-aged accountant, who holds a secret ambition to write a MUSICAL!

One day, as he searches through boxes of family memorabilia, he discovers a script written in the 1950's by his Dad,

"For Women Must Work" about the lives of women who work in an office. The play was produced, but was not well-received.

His father passed suddenly shortly after writing it, and had no time to edit it. The discovery of the old script and his unresolved

feelings for his father, whose legacy he felt he was obligated to perpetuate, create a new artistic path for Paul. What will he

discover through his own writing process?  How will both the musical, and the play within the play unravel and resolve?



The action takes place in 1981. The scene is Paul's apartment in Manhattan, which at times morphs into a rehearsal studio and

places of fantasy like Tahiti Beach.


PAUL (50-60’s) Conservative accountant with a passion for theatre. Struggling to prove his artistic worth to his father.

DAD/Max (50-60’s,) Strong-willed and jovial. Deceased 40 years ago and returns as a spirit to haunt his son.

MAX- Husband of Mrs. B. A successful Wall Street broker, well educated, kind and yearning formore inspiration.

ROSA (50-60’s)  a cleaning woman with a good heart and a strong work ethic. The eyes and ears of the office.

HARRIET TAYLOR  (40's) a Clerical Assistant. Stout and plain, very conscientious. Anxious and struggles to let go.

STANLEY FOSTER (30-50's) the Controller.  A SUIT. A bitter Bachelor. Authoritative and judgmental brown-nose

MARION KENT (40’s) the Marketing Manager. Passionate with a desire for real love and finding purpose in life.

GWEN GRAZIO (early 20’s)  the Receptionist. Sexy and loves to dress for it, silly and a bit of an air-head.

EILEEN DAWSON (20-30's)  Administrative Assistant. Smart dresser, savvy, loyal and caring with a desire to be married. 

KATHY FARADAY  (late 20's to early 30’s)  Mrs. B’s Personal Assistant. High brow, well dressed and acts a bit above it all

PEGGY ROGERS/SUSAN CLAY (20-30's) a junior Clerical Assistant. Very pretty, traditional, suffering with personal issues.

SUSAN- Applicant for a staff vacancy. Cunning, but plays innocent.  (Note- same actor plays both roles)

MRS. B. (Late 40’s) THE Boss.  A sophisticated and well-groomed woman.  Cunning and insincere with secrets.

ERIC STEPHENS (mid 20’s early 30's)  Peggy’s boyfriend-fear of commitment, emotionally unavailable work-a-haulic.  

THERESA PRICE (early 20’s) Temp replacement for Peggy Rogers. Conservative by day-wild by night. 

Note: same actor can play Eric/Theresa

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